Magna Microscope Plus Projector

Deluxe Magna Scope Microscope & Projector

Children’s Microscope Lab Kit with Viewer and Projector

This children’s science kit features 7-1/2″ optical microscope with a 20X eyepiece. Included in the kit are 3 objective lenses, 8 unbreakable mounting slides, 12 specimen covers, 4 specimen vials, scalpel, dissecting needle, syringe, and tweezers. An instruction guide comes in the box as well.

Use microscope to magnify small specimens after processing and laying on slides. Use projector to view magnified specimens on the wall. Also use paper and pencil to trace specimens when projecting on the wall.

Set magnifier to 100X, 300X, or 600X.

Set view finder to 20X, 40X, or 60X.

This is a lightweight undated vintage item, perhaps from the early 2000’s.


  • Learn How to Prepare Specimens Like a Scientist
  • Magnify Specimens Using Viewer & Projector
  • View, Study, and Trace Projected Specimens
  • Magnifier Stands Approximately 6 Inches
  • Kidmate Series / Kwong Wah Toys Ltd.
  • Item #62118
  • UPC 4893688621188
  • 2 AA Batteries Required

Age recommendation is 9 years and over

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